09 Feb 2022

Grundfos Shaft seal shaft seal kit CH(V)2/4 CVBE/V – type R-706C - suitable for multistage horizontal pumps Grundfos CH2, CH4.

Also type R-706C is widely used in Grundfos pumps CHV, CRK, SPK, designation CVBE, CVBV, CVUE, CVUV, art. 445067, 985751, 435014.

Grundfos Shaft seal
Grundfos Shaft seal
Grundfos Shaft seal
24 Nov 2021

Cantilever monoblock pumps of the SAER IR series are centrifugal, single-stage pumps manufactured in Italy. It is usually used for fluid circulation and pressure increase in heating, air conditioning and water supply systems, for irrigation. The mechanical seals used in SAER IR-bellows pumps are single, manufactured in various materials depending on the medium being pumped (in the standard version Q1 V E GG). In this case, the seal failed due to mechanical wear and we replaced it with a mechanical seal R-MG1S20 28, CAR/SIC, EPDM, 304, G60. Such an alternative is quite reasonable both in terms of cost and in terms of reliable and long-lasting operation.

Mechanical seal movable FG/28 SIL-EPD 97954 MT and mechanical seal stationary to FG/28 ALO-EPD 92123 MT is used for pumps SAER IR/IR4P 32-200 NA/NB/NC, 32-250, 40-200, 40-200N, 40-250, 40-250N, 50-160, 50-160N, 50-200, 50-200N, 50-250N, 65-160, 65-200, 65-200N, 80-160. Article 54250830 / 54200530.

22 Nov 2021

Lowara SV multistage centrifugal pumps are economical and reliable pumps used both for deep wells and for home use. All elements in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel.

The pumps of the SV411F22T/A model use a single mechanical seal with an o-ring, a central conical spring, unbalanced. Type of seal, Roten UN5K12, , in different materials, depending on the application environment : KL01AAG - KIT TEN D12 Q1BVGG+OR 1-5SV (silicon Carbide, Graphite, EPDM), KL01AAD - DICH.D12 Q1BEGG+OR SV2-4/1-5SV (silicon Carbide, Graphite, FPM), KL01ADB - KIT TEN D12 Q1CTGG+OR 1-5SV (silicon Carbide, Special graphite, Teflon), KL01AC7 - KIT TEN D12 Q1Q1EGG+OR 1-5SV # (silicon Carbide, silicon Carbide, EPDM), KIT TEN D12 Q1Q1TGG+OR 1-5SV (silicon Carbide, silicon Carbide, Teflon), KL01AC9 - DICHTSET D12 Q1Q1VGG+OR CASSA (silicon Carbide, silicon Carbide, FPM).

11 Nov 2021

Pump Calpeda NR series – is an inline circulation pump, used both in the household and in industry. For non-aggressive liquids from -10 oWith up to +100 ° C, free of abrasives. Calpeda NR 50/160B/A is made of durable cast iron, with one impeller and a dry rotor, the motor shaft is chrome steel. It is equipped with a carbon ceramic NBR TYPE3 R X6H62V6D24. We offer replacement of the mechanical seal 16006060000 with mechanical seals in other materials, specifically for your environment and conditions.

18 Jun 2021

Replaced the mechanical seal. The factory seal is installed with the KSB emblem, but in fact it is Burgmann MG13 / 38.

The pump installed a mechanical seal John Crane 38 mm T2100 N BS GGR1S1

Repair of the KSB pump mechanical seal GN 100-200 / 554
27 Apr 2021
Mechanical seal for GEA Tuchenhagen TР2030 pump-150-2-E-K-E-GO-DN-S-J-J

GEA Tuchenhagen TР single-stage centrifugal pumps are efficient hygienic pumps of the GEA Smartpump series for pumping media with a variety of complex biochemical properties.

Application: filtration, filling lines, cleaning in the dairy and beverage industry, in the brewing industry, in the manufacture of cosmetics, in CIP washing and sterilization systems, in non-selective washing systems, etc.

Mechanical mechanical seals used in such pumps must meet the highest quality standards, in particular the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Pharmaceutical Industry.

Mechanical seal BTS Engineering R-GEA for GEA pump Tuchenhagen TP2030-150-2-E-K-E-GO-DN-S-J-J art. 244-000042 is made in accordance with FDA standards and is intended for use in areas with strict requirements for sanitary and hygienic conditions:

  • various options of friction pairs: graphite/ silicon carbide (standard), silicon carbide (Sic) / Silicon carbide( Sic), Carbon carbide/ stainless steel.
  • versions of EPDM (ethylpropylene rubber) or Viton (fluoro rubber) elastomers
  • the mechanical seal is clearly fixed with a special groove.
  • also applicable for T TP / TPS: TP 1020, TP 2030, TP 1540, TP 2050, TP 3050, TP 5060, TP 7060, TP 2575, TP 8080, TP 16040
GEA Tuchenhagen ТР
GEA Tuchenhagen ТР
GEA Tuchenhagen ТР
GEA Tuchenhagen ТР
01 Apr 2021
Mechanical seal for pump Wilo IL 125/250-11/4-IE1 (2036531)

The Wilo IL 125/250-11/4-IE1 pump is a single-stage low-pressure centrifugal pump in the Inline version with the following elements:

  • Sliding mechanical seal AQEGG
  • Flanged connection with pressure measuring pipe R 1/8
  • Connection element
  • Coupling
  • Motor according to IEC standard

They are used in air conditioning systems and cooling systems due to reliable condensate drainage due to the perfect design of the connecting element (patented) Mechanical seal MG12 / 32-G60 AQ1EGG M16 KIT (2026903) is used in pumps of the CronoBloc-BL, CronoTwin-DL, CronoLine-IL, CronoTwin-DL-E, Stratos GIGA B, CronoBloc-BL-E, CronoLine-IL-E, Stratos GIGA, Stratos GIGA D series-always available.

Wilo IL
19 Feb 2021

The XV-F series of electric pumps are vertical centrifugal pumps, non-self-priming, with linear suction and drive, and their high performance makes them ideal for use in pressure equipment, industrial installations, and all applications requiring high pressure.

SQQE Mechanical Seal the cartridge type is used, which provides easy replacement. Cartridge-type mechanical seals are used in cases where exceptional reliability, increased service life, ease of installation are important, the use of seals of this type is due to the requirements of regulatory documents


All the materials and components that we use in BTS mechanical seals are of the highest quality.

19 Feb 2021

The mechanical seal of the shaft of KSB Etaline pumps is single uncooled, friction pair silicon carbide / silicon carbide, special elestomer or ethylene-propylene rubber. Other materials are also possible, according to the media being pumped.

Our specialists replaced the seal in the KSB Etaline G 32-160/034pump

KSB Еtaline
KSB Еtaline KSB Еtaline

There are several points that you should pay attention to when choosing and installing a seal :

  • When pumping media with abrasive components, increased wear of the hydraulics and the shaft seal should be expected. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the usual intervals between inspections.
  • When installing the seal, to reduce the friction forces, moisten the shaft sleeve and the seat of the fixed ring of the mechanical seal with water.
  • The mechanical seal has a slight or imperceptible leakage (in the form of steam) during operation.
  • Increased wear due to dry running! If possible, never allow it .

KSB pumps of the Etaline PumpDrive series are designed for pumping liquids that are not chemically aggressive in heating, water supply, etc. By design, Etaline is a monoblock pump with a horizontal nozzle arrangement in one line -"inline".

19 Feb 2021

The LOWARA "in-line" dry rotor circulation pump of the LNEE 40-125/15/S25RCS4 series can be used in engineering systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, ventilation systems, as well as in water supply and irrigation systems. LOWARA LNEE pumps use various mechanical seal options KL01AF1, KL01AF7, KL01AF8, KL01AF2, KL01AGL, KL01AGN, KL01AF4, KL01AGA, KL01AF5, KL01AGB, KL01AGM, KL01AGP in material combinations BQ1EGG, Q1Q1EGG, U3AEGG, BQ1VGG, Q1Q1VGG, U3AVGG.

Our specialists have replaced the mechanical seal Mech. Seal D22 kit Q1Q1EGG KL01AF2


We will offer you a reliable replacement of the LOWARA seal, according to your individual requirements, fluid properties and pump operating conditions.

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