01 Apr 2021

Mechanical seal for pump Wilo IL 125/250-11/4-IE1 (2036531)

Mechanical seal for pump Wilo IL 125/250-11/4-IE1 (2036531)

The Wilo IL 125/250-11/4-IE1 pump is a single-stage low-pressure centrifugal pump in the Inline version with the following elements:

  • Sliding mechanical seal AQEGG
  • Flanged connection with pressure measuring pipe R 1/8
  • Connection element
  • Coupling
  • Motor according to IEC standard

They are used in air conditioning systems and cooling systems due to reliable condensate drainage due to the perfect design of the connecting element (patented) Mechanical seal MG12 / 32-G60 AQ1EGG M16 KIT (2026903) is used in pumps of the CronoBloc-BL, CronoTwin-DL, CronoLine-IL, CronoTwin-DL-E, Stratos GIGA B, CronoBloc-BL-E, CronoLine-IL-E, Stratos GIGA, Stratos GIGA D series-always available.

Wilo IL