12 Jan 2021

Mechanical seal to DAB CP 50/2200 T pump

The DAB CP 50/2200 T circulation In-line pump for pumping liquids free of abrasive and chemical substances is equipped with:

  • hydraulic housing with support for the engine made of gray cast iron,
  • impeller made of technopolymer,
  • feed rotor-stainless steel.

For reliable operation of the pump, two types of seal are used: EPDM seal and mechanical seal (graphite/ceramic or graphite/silicon carbide). Our specialists replaced the failed seal with R-BT-FN.NU

Mechanical seals R-BT-FN.NU under the condition of professional installation and correct operating conditions of the equipment reliably and for a long time work in DAB CP pumps.

Mechanical seals R-BT-FN.NU Mechanical seals R-BT-FN.NU